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The machining specialist 5AXperformance mills complex workpieces made of difficult to machine materials. The measurement of the tools using laser tool setters and the workpieces using touch probes and Best Fit create the basis for accuracy and fast, cost-effective working.

5AXperformance in Kirchheim, Bavaria, has sets itself the goal of demanding milling on difficult to machine materials and complex workpieces. A business concept that brings new challenges on a daily basis, and at the same time places very high demands on machinery and staff. All machines are equipped with laser tool setters and touch probes from m&h. In the majority of cases pre-shaped parts are manufactured for the general machine tools sector, motor sport, system manufacture and the aerospace industry, as well as for engines for the aerospace sector. The range of materials to be machined extends from highly heat-resistant steels through Inconel, titanium and carbon, to special materials of a very wide range of types.

HSC machining and the latest metrology are used from the start. The tools are all measured in the machine using lasers, cutter heads as well. In this way not only are errors on the entry of settings prevented, also the actual movements and lengths of the tools as clamped in the spindle, that is under operating conditions, are measured to the μ. „In our factory all tools are measured in the machine. We do not have any presetters at all“, explains Andreas Daunderer, one of the two founders of the company.

The robustness of the laser tool setter from m&h, which is mounted on the Alzmetall 5-axis machining centre on the machine table swing arm, is impressive. There the laser is exposed to large quantities of chips and coolant spray. However, with its body made of stainless steel, the electrically actuated closing features for the laser optics, as well as the sealing air in the laser tool setter, the device even withstands the harsh environment present in machine tools without problems. „We do not have any problems with the lasers, not even on machining carbon“, Daunderer is pleased to state.

„With the lasers from m&h we can also measure cutter heads in rotation“, explains Daunderer. After each machining task the tools are also checked for breakage using the laser. During this process it is checked...

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