Over the years, industrial metrology has become an integral part of aerospace manufacturing processes, for OEMs and big industry players alike. Thanks to their large measurement volume, laser tracker systems are used for inspection, tooling, part mating and reverse engineering tasks, just to name a few. Coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) of all sizes are used in inspection and scanning applications with prismatic parts, achieving single-micron accuracies.

ZSM Zertz + Scheid - Gummersbach
Measuring to generate orders!

Measuring and logging of workpieces, while still clamped on the machine, has enabled ZSM of Gummersbach to win new customers. They perform measuring, machining and logging of nose gear for the Airbus A320 using this ...

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Deharde - Varel
Enhanced productivity through measuring on the machine

Cubings and pilot series motors for the motor industry, certified aviation parts and scaled wind tunnel models require micron precision. With m&h 3D Form Inspect, Deharde in Varel monitors precision, even on free form surfaces, while components are still clamped on the ...

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RUAG Aerospace - Emmen
Full Thrust thanks to measuring on machine-tools

Nowadays measuring of workpieces while clamped on machine-tools is state of the art in series-production more and more. At company RUAG big rings for the fans of jet-engines are manufactured by using touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software from ...

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BBAT - Wildau
Pretty tight...

... these are the manufacturing tolerances for aeronautical parts at BBAT in Wildau/Brandenburg. They manufacture rotor housings for jet engines in small volumes using m&h touch probes and software 3D Form ...

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