Automotive Applications
With the ever-shorter design-to-production runs, assorted automotive manufacturers and their suppliers have turned to industrial metrology solutions to find ways to decrease ramp up times, increase productivity, reduce part rejection and improve the quality of their products.

From inspecting multiple bodies-in-white in one setup with laser tracker systems, prototype part inspection or die build and tryout validation with white light scanner systems, checking fit-and-finish tolerances in a car's interior with articulated arms to entirely automated gantry and horizontal arm coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) installations and everything in-between, Hexagon Metrology's customer roster reads like a "Who's Who?" of the world's most successful car companies.

PSA Peugeot Citroën, Mulhouse Cedex
1.194 hours saved

By measuring workpieces while they were still in the machine using m&h 3D Form Inspect, the machine tool construction at Peugeot PSA, Mulhouse, saved 1.194 production hours in a year. This represents a cost savings of 78.000 euros with faster production throughput and improved quality. The production capacity gains are not counted in this. ...

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ACTech - Freiberg
Measuring away rework!

By measuring workpieces, while still clamped on the machine, ACTech has eliminated sources of error and drastically reduced reworking of close tolerance parts. Now 12 machines have been equipped with touch probes and software from ...

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Volkswagen - Braunschweig
Precision straight off the machine

Volkswagen produces injection moulds and dies for large parts and key components at the company‘s own Components Toolmaking Division. To ensure the contour accuracy and precision of the workpieces, they are measured using m&h touch probes and software. The process is carried out when the workpieces are on the machine and they are only removed ...

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REUM - Hardheim
Effective combination

In the mould making shop of the German company Reum, they do universal machining and measuring with m&h touch probes and software on a HURON K2X10. Daily use in various operations has fulfilled all ...

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Berger - Memmingen
Process reliability in short cycle time

Inside a 45-second cycle time, a precision part is not only finish turned but it is also checked for correct positioning using an m&h touch ...

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