Ballerstedt GmbH - Reinbek
Ballerstedt GmbH, Reinbek, Germany

Cannot do without it

Ballerstedt, the renowned plastic-injection moulding company, uses probes and Form Inspect software from m&h when constructing their moulds. Mould inserts can now be made to fit accurately and to be easily replaceable. This shortens downtimes and increases productivity.

The small town of Reinbek immediately borders on Hamburg and is where the Ballerstedt company operates a large plastic moulding company which manufactures its own moulds.

For more than 50 years, Ballerstedt has been gaining know-how and loyal customers from the tobacco industry, medical technology, security technology, engineering and other branches. For this wide field of applications, plastic parts weighing between 1.5 g and 2 kg are injection moulded. Multi-component injection moulding, the insert-moulding of inserted parts and also foaming are part of the daily business near the coast.

Not only the moulds themselves are created in the company‘s own mould production. Rather, Ballerstedt can offer its customers the entire service chain ranging from form-compliant parts design to finished components or the component mounted ready for installation. To put this know-how to work, the company‘s own mould production is equipped with electrical discharge machining (EDM) and machining centres. Modern programming software and new tools, however, mean the proportion of EDM has been steadily declining. In addition, hard-milling is done increasingly often. „Nowadays, we finish much more by milling than in the past and need far fewer electrodes,“ says Jürgen Kätzel, Head of Tool Production with Ballerstedt; he is not only pleased by the time saved and the lower costs, but also by longer service lives of the moulds.

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