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Process reliability in short cycle time

Inside a 45-second cycle time, a precision part is not only finish turned but it is also checked for correct positioning using an m&h touch probe.

Being a typical supplier for the automotive, office machine and electrical engineering sectors, Berger in Memmingen manufactures a variety of different parts and ready-to-install components. With a workforce of around 1,600 employees, Berger is a worldwide business. About 600 staff produce precision parts in medium and large volumes on the boundaries of the Allgäu, using state-of-the-art machinery.

To manufacture a flange-like bearing housing for a fuel pump, a Takamaz X100 lathe with Fanuc Oi control is used. This workpiece is manufactured in very large volumes in a three-shift system so the machine is semi-automated. Using an inlet conveyor belt, the part is automatically loaded into the lathe chuck and ejected after machining. The cycle time is just 45 seconds.

Trouble-free metal cutting with a consistent fitting accuracy is required within a close tolerance range of 25μm for a part length of around 10mm and 23μm for a diameter of 40mm. Occasionally, manufacturing errors occurred with the cause being diagnosed as false positioning when the workpiece was being automatically loaded into the chuck. Chips were sometimes getting between the chuck and the part which meant components were sitting incorrectly in the chuck with resultant manufacturing errors.

In order to eliminate these errors Berger decided to check the position of each loaded part during the machining process using a touch probe. However, the working area of a lathe is not big and tools and touch probe are subject to permanent coolant and chip spray. These are really adverse environmental conditions for a touch probe with micron precision. By fitting the touch probe into the rotating turret the possibility of using cable transmission was lost...

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