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Radio signals for reliable precision of large parts

On large machining centres and milling machines, the probe signals must be able to overcome large distances without delay and be transmitted from the interior of workpieces. At Bomacon, touch probes with wireless data transmission by m&h are proving themselves in daily use.

Contract manufacturing for large parts and components raises many problems and requires high flexibility. Lot sizes range from only 1 piece up to 20 pieces and only rarely up to 50 or 100 pieces. The workpiece dimensions vary greatly, as do the shapes and the cutting

Whatever is needed – whether it is just finishing external surfaces and holes, complete machining, internal or external machining, whether round or square – anything can be asked for. In addition, there is generally great time pressure to be dealt with.

Therefore, a company that specializes in this direction must reserve a sufficient number of various kinds of large processing machines in various sizes. To ensure a quick response time, it is necessary to be equipped with a wide range of tools, not least in order to be able to process any material...

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