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Case Study Cosmac - Santa Giustina

Measuring for clear vision

An Italian manufacturer of injection moulds provides for clear vision in production through measuring workpieces while still clamped on the machining centres. This is achieved by using German m&h touch probes and software on Japanese machine tools.

Meanwhile measuring on the machine tool has become state-of-the-art, since it saves time and enables immediate mechanical reworking in one clamping. However, there are many more effects beyond it depending on the company and its conditions in case of application. For this technology, manufacturers all over the world resort to touch probes and software from the German manufacturer m&h. A visit at the mould design and construction company Cosmac, using m&h software 3D Form Inspect and m&h touch probes on MAZAK and YASDA machine tools, does not only show the international dimension but also proves trouble-free operation of the German system when used jointly with Asian machine tools and controls.

The Italian mould maker achieves clear vision in the truest sense of the word because they mainly manufacture moulds for sports and leisure glasses, being as well, operating in automotive, electronics and electro-appliance, always with complex parts and high aesthetic requirements. Besides contour accuracy for proper fit, the crucial point is absolutely constant material thickness of the injection-moulded parts. The modern manufacturer of complex moulds with free-form surfaces and many slides, having been founded as recently as in this century, is situated in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains in the Alps. Cutting is done on several MAZAK machining centres as well as a YASDA precision machining centre. All of them are equipped with m&h touch probes and capable of measuring workpieces while still clamped on the machine. In addition, the company uses spark erosion machine tools manufactured by Charmilles and Ingersoll. They manufacture medium-sized mould superstructures up to a weight of 10.000 kg. These are mostly complex moulds for polyamides...

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