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Case Study Davromatic Precision Ltd, - Rugby (Nottingham)

Real-time, in-process gauging of mill-turned components

A new, hard-wired, touch probing system has been introduced by m&h UK, Nottingham, that allows sliding-head CNC lathe users to measure turned and milled features quickly on every component after machining, while it is still in the counter spindle and before ejection. It is believed to be the first real-time, in-process quality control system for 100 per cent inspection of critical dimensions on sliding-head lathes.

The gauging arrangement, which employs a fixed probe mounted on the headstock, is also suitable for use on fixed-head, bar-fed, twin-spindle turning machines, provided that the counter spindle is able to move in the X-axis as well as in Z to effect the measuring cycle.absolutely reliable and do have accuracies of a few microns.

The equipment should prove popular with OEMs and subcontractors that specialise in unattended, close-tolerance machining of medium to large batches of components. Rugby-based subcontractor, Davromatic Precision, which uses a number of Star sliding-head lathes and helped m&h UK develop the inspection technique, reports a 20 per cent productivity increase, 10 per cent reduction in scrap and two hours’ extra unmanned running per day . . . . .

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