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Enhanced productivity through measuring on the machine

Cubings and pilot series motors for the motor industry, certified aviation parts and scaled wind tunnel models require micron precision. With m&h 3D Form Inspect, Deharde in Varel monitors precision, even on free form surfaces, while components are still clamped on the machine.

“Our aim was to significantly enhance our spindle working hours,” Holger Hoffmann, Managing Partner at Deharde in Varel, explains the prime objective of the company’s internal reorganisation. Of course it’s also about cost savings and reducing lead times. These requirements prompted production manager Markus Stocker, who assumed responsibility for production at Deharde less than a year ago, to put all internal operating procedures to the test. 5-axis machines enable complete machining while only clamping the workpiece twice. Tooling is pre-set and loaded onto machines for each job to shorten setup times and enhance productivity.

All these measures are aimed at one thing, achieving higher precision, because customers require ever tighter tolerances. Certification to ISO 9001 and EN 9100 is needed to do business in the sectors where Deharde is active. Specialities of Deharde are wind tunnel models, in different materials, that are true-to-scale to the last detail. The award of “Supplier of the Year 2009“ from Boeing is confirmation of the good job that Deharde has done. Deharde is not just a supplier to the aerospace industry but also services other business sectors requiring high precision or the machining of exotic materials. Thanks to the activities of new production manager, Markus Stocker, their range of customers has been considerably expanded. Now the automotive industry is a customer of Deharde. Cubings with very close tolerances and pilots of new motor components are taking more machining capacity. Also model builders who use different materials are regular customers of Deharde. Production in temperature-controlled factories is one of the prerequisites to manufacture parts to the required precision...

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