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Straightforwardly measure and report on 5-axes

By measuring its milled workpieces using touch probes and the software 3D Form Inspect from m&h, the fixture manufacturer Dörr has not only removed a production bottleneck, but also a source of errors. His customers value the quick delivery of workpieces with a measuring report based on measurements made directly on the machine.

Curved and arbitrarily shaped milled parts are the daily business of the gauge and fixture manufacturer Dörr GmbH in the Rhineland town of St. Augustin. The third-generation family business was founded more than 60 years ago as a model-maker and can look back on a successful history. The models for foundries, manufactured using the so-called hand forming method, have long since faded into the background. Demanding gauges, fixtures and the contract manufacture of single parts and very small production runs for the automotive industry, machine tool manufacturers and motor sport are today the most important business activities of Dörr.

A common feature of almost all workpieces is freeform surfaces and curved geometries. To manufacture these parts a whole series of machining centres, predominantly with 5 axes, are available. C40 machining centres from Hermle operate alongside DMU 635V, DMU 835V, DMU 1035V and a new DMU 200P. For very large workpieces there is also a machining centre of type Zimmermann FZ40.

For some years Dörr has had good experience with touch probes from m&h, which were purchased for the first time with a Hermle C40U. However, the measuring cycles in the control software proved to be increasingly inadequate, because more and more surfaces and geometries needed to be measured and logged in the compartment. Although Dörr has 6 measuring machines, they are time consuming to use and the tedious clamping and removal processes are also time consuming. The available capacity also caused delays time and again. Also at Dörr the high quality gauges are mostly assembled and completed on the measuring machines to ensure the highest accuracy. However it is then not possible to remove a workpiece from the measuring machine to measure a milled part...

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