FKT Formenbau und Kunststofftechnik GmbH – Germany
FKT Formenbau und Kunststofftechnik GmbH – Germany

Active production control

Measuring the workpieces while they are still being clamped on the machine ensures process reliability even in automatic manufacturing cells. In this way, the mould construction and plastics specialist FKT saves reworking and thus smooths the production flow.

Technological innovation, reliable production processes as well as accuracy and adherence to schedules are major success factors in German mould construction and on the global market. This fact was recognized by FKT in Triptis, Thuringia (Germany). There  they develop moulds and tools for injection moulding, pressure casting and overmoulding for metallic and non-metallic components.

These are usually multi-component moulds for up to three components. In addition to assembly injection technology, FKT are also experts with the LaserCusing process and with so-called MuCell technology.

In LaserCusing, metallic materials are constructed layer by layer, as they are for “Rapid Prototyping”, and fused with each other by the laser. This technology allows introducing freely moulded inner contours which cannot be manufactured any other way. These inner contours are used as close-to-contour tempering channels in injection and pressure-casting moulds, which allows short production cycles even with large injection volumes.

When using MuCell technology, the plastic is physically foamed within the mould. This permits controlled foaming by means of temperature and pressure which would not be possible with propellants. In this way, light-weight and low-torsion inner parts can be produced, which, as a rule, are then combined with further plastics or components in order to achieve the desired surface properties. . . . .

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