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Case Study Havlat - Zittau

Probing away set-up times

Using touch probes and software from m&h, Havlat in Zittau is able to significantly reduce set-up times and achieve secure, consistent manufacturing.

In Zittau, in the easternmost corner of Saxony, there is a real success story coming out of the old east Germany. In newly built production facilities, Havlat has established itself using state-of-the-art cutting techniques. Divided into various plants, they manufacture a variety of components that are partly assembled ready for installation. Havlat produce a varied range of components ranging from a few millimetres long to medium-sized parts such as blades for steam and gas turbines up to large casings for turbines or pre-mounted machine beds with working tables. They have capacity to turn diameters up to 5 metres, machine components weighing up to 45t, mill lengths up to 14 m and cylindrical grinding is possible for parts up to 1.6m. Machinery ranges from all sizes of turning and machining centres to large boring mills and vertical boring and turning mills.

German reunification in 1989 was the trigger for Havlat to accelerate their growth. Today the former tool and mould manufacturer is an impressive production company currently with 265 employees, 43 of whom are apprentices with good prospects of being offered permanent employment after completing their training.

Manufacturing very large workpieces creates problems significantly different to those found in the volume manufacturing of medium-sized parts. This begins with handling of workpieces and finishes with the task of measuring and recording machining results of workpieces. Setting up machines for such large workpieces takes several...

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