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Mould complete with measuring protocol

Measuring workpieces on the machine has become standard practice at the Saxon milling service provider Hofmann & Engel. The possibility to log work directly on the machine has helped win several orders from mould making and single component manufacturers.

“With 3D Form Inspect, good things have been achieved which I didn’t expect would work, even on older machines,” Sven Böer enthuses about on machine measuring. He is the master craftsmen in charge of manufacturing at Hofmann & Engel in the Saxon town of Moritzburg near Dresden. Hofmann & Engel takes over complete project management for its customers. This starts with joint research projects leading to calculations, simulations, examinations, tests, visits to industrial partners and final manufacture. As manufacturers they see themselves as a milling service provider and produce single components ranging from mould inserts, mould plates and different prototypes for mould making, machine construction and even parts for Dresden Technical University. Workpiece weights go up to 5t with maximum dimensions of 1,500 x 1,500 x 1,500mm. Materials vary from tool and stainless steels to aluminium and technical plastics. They mill mainly complex workpieces with free-form surfaces and inclined spatial geometries. Tolerance requirements are high with tolerance ranges continuously getting tighter. More frequently, measuring protocols are now included in the required scope of delivery.

Hofmann & Engel has equipped four 5-axis machining centres from different manufacturers and with different controls with m&h touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software. The software compares actual dimensions of the workpiece on the machine with the specifications of the CAD drawing. The point to be measured is selected by mouse click on the workshop computer and the measuring function is assigned by another mouse click. The software automatically generates travel paths for the probes in the background and checks for possible collisions with workpiece contours. For this function, all probes, probe combinations and cross probe styli are stored in the software and selected...

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