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m&h Infrared Touch Probe and Tool Setters

High accuracy combined with flexible applications

At Jochum, a mould manufacturer, tool length measurements and blade fracture checks are performed on a removable Tool Setter by m&h, even in unmanned shifts. The Tool Setter communicates with the control via the same infrared receiver as the probe.

For 25 years now, Volker Jochum has manufactured injection moulds of various kinds in his own company. These are, however, mostly highly complex and with many mechanical components, such as core pulls and slides. “Initially it was very difficult for us because we had to take on order for forms that no one else wanted, ” Volker Jochum tells his story. “In hindsight this was very lucky, because we are now set up for complex things while simple shapes are often manufactured in Asia nowadays.” Today, 32 employees manufacture single- and multi-component injection moulds in ranging in size from 0.5 2 tons up to 3.5 tonnes of weight and dimensions of up to 1,200 x 1,000 x 600 mm. The client industries are wide-ranging, and include the automotive and construction
industry, medical technology, electrical and electronics and even the furniture industry. With the new construction in 2012, there is now more space for precise work, for the now 11 CNC-controlled machining centres and for the increasing automation.

The tool designs are generally made in-house or at design offices which have been cooperating in a close and friendly way for a long
time. This is an important factor for Jochum, since it is important to him that low maintenance and longevity are already taken into consideration as design principles in the construction of injection moulds. Experience has shown that the construction already significantly determines costs and efficiency of an injection mould as well as the smooth running of the process in the injection machine.

The entire team of mould construction evidently puts great emphasis on precision and clean work. “Many people are surprised that we have no spotting press,” Volker Jochum reports with a smile. “But everything just fits the way we make it.” The frequent use of the probe on the machines has a significant share in this. These are probes by m&h with infra-red data transmission. They have proven themselves in everyday use over many years. The employees praise their reliability and easy handling with the m&h equipment. Therefore, when ordering machines, care has been taken for some time now to ensure the probes come from m&h.

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