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Measuring saves a lot of time

Measuring is an important resource for more precise work and time saving – nota luxury but necessity at contract manufacturer Laro. With m&h touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software, many hours are saved and set-up times are reduced considerably.

Since 2001, LARO NC-Technik GmbH has been a legally independent company within the Langer Group and has been manufacturing moulds and tools, prototype parts, small batch volumes and specially commissioned orders. Strengths have been developed in the field of milling, where workpieces from large to small sizes are machined. At Laro, large means lengths up to 6 metres and 2.2m in the Z-axis. Dealing with a broad spectrum of different workpieces is the company’s daily business. As well as aluminium and (carbon) tool steel, Laro also cut materials such as duplex and high-alloyed steels plus occasionally titanium and plastics like uriol, lauramit, CRP and GRP. As varied as materials are batch sizes, ranging from one-offs to volumes of 5,000 parts. Laro’s machinery is similarly versatile. The range of machining centres varies from large Henri Linée to Handtmann, FPT Mikron HPM 1000 with 7 pallets, HSM 800, DMU 100T, 70 Evo, and 64V. Because of the high precision required these machining centres are located in an air-conditioned workshop . . . . .

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