Mould & Die
Mould & Die
Moulds are needed to manufacture cast components made of metal or plastic; these moulds must meet specific tolerances. How do you keep your parts in tolerance? Ask us. Independent of the actual requirements you have on quality assurance in mould manufacture - with coordinate measuring systems from Hexagon Metrology you are making the right choice.

SHW Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH - Aalen
Let‘s do a quick calibration

The contract manufacturer SHW Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH has equipped its machining and turning/milling machines with radio-wave touch probes by m&h and regularly calibrates the machine tables with it. That provides accuracy, and the probes save set-up times and allow for an accelerated and secure production of mostly large and complex cast ...

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Jochum Werkzeugbau - Eimeldingen
High accuracy combined with flexible applications

At Jochum, a mould manufacturer, tool length measurements and blade fracture checks are performed on a removable Tool Setter by m&h, even in unmanned shifts. The Tool Setter communicates with the control via the same infrared receiver as the ...

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Color Metal GmbH - Heitersheim
Five-axis parts in series

The mould production of Color Metal produces mould inserts in an automated facility with a large pallet storage on five-axis machining centres by Grob. For this purpose, the tools are calibrated by an m&h laser and checked for tool ...

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Ballerstedt GmbH - Reinbek
Cannot do without it

Ballerstedt, the renowned plastic-injection moulding company, uses probes and Form Inspect software from m&h when constructing their moulds. Mould inserts can now be made to fit accurately and to be easily replaceable. This shortens downtimes and increases ...

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Modell- und Formenbau Schmidgall - Wüstenrot
More speed and more accuracy with laser tool setters

For years, model and mould construction has been measuring using probes and software by m&h. Now tools are also measured in the machine using m&h laser tool setters – with significant improvements in ...

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FKT Formenbau und Kunststofftechnik GmbH – Germany
Active production control

Measuring the workpieces while they are still being clamped on the machine ensures process reliability even in automatic manufacturing cells. In this way, the mould construction and plastics specialist FKT saves reworking and thus smooths the production ...

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Hofmann & Engel - Moritzburg
Mould complete with measuring protocol

Measuring workpieces on the machine has become standard practice at the Saxon milling service provider Hofmann & Engel. The possibility to log work directly on the machine has helped win several orders from mould making and single component ...

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Cosmac - Santa Giustina
Measuring for clear vision

An Italian manufacturer of injection moulds provides for clear vision in production through measuring workpieces while still clamped on the machining centres. This is achieved by using German m&h touch probes and software on Japanese machine ...

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Hofmann - Lichtenfels
Eliminating the see-saw

Innovation and customer benfit, these are the maxims that have established mould maker Hofmann of Lichtenfels enviable reputation. At Hofmann, measuring workpieces while still clamped on the machine has been an everyday occurrence for over seven years. Using touch probes and software from m&h, Hofmann has improved quality and reliability of ...

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Krones - Neutraubling
Temperatur ausgesperrt

Die Temperaturen der Bearbeitungsspindeln verursachen einen erheblichen Wärmegang zum Messtaster und verfälschen die Messwerte vor allem in Z-Richtung. Mit dem wärmeisolierten THERMO-LOCK®-Messtaster von m&h kann die Krones AG in Neutraubling auf stabile Messbedingungen und verlässliche Messwerte ...

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Rejlek - Wien
Mehr als 30% Zeit gespart!

Mindestens 30% Zeitersparnis und deutlich gesteigerte Prozesssicherheit sind die Haupteffekte des Einsatzes von Messtastern und 3D Form Inspect Software beim österreichischen Formenbau ...

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Walther Wolf - Wendelstein
Enormous time gains

Measuring contours on the machine tool not only ensures quality but also considerably shortens set-up times and speeds up manufacturing cycles. A mould making and jobbing company reports its experiences using m&h 3D Form Inspect software and proves that quality assurance also reduces manufacturing ...

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