PSA Peugeot Citroën, Mulhouse Cedex
PSA Peugeot Citroën, Mulhouse Cedex

1.194 hours saved

By measuring workpieces while they were still in the machine using m&h 3D Form Inspect, the machine tool construction at Peugeot PSA, Mulhouse, saved 1.194 production hours in a year. This represents a cost savings of 78.000 euros with faster production throughput and improved quality. The production capacity gains are not counted in this. Rating: worth imitating.

In its Mulhouse factory in Alsace, near the border with Germany, the PSA Group has a manufacturing facility for vehicles and components that are sold under the Peugeot and Citroen brands.

A large factory site with its own highway exit suggests that large quantities are produced here and a production cycle with as few disturbances as possible is the goal. Besides the actual parts production, this also applies to the tool-making shop, where tools for forming and punching (dies for connecting rods, chassis parts and crankshafts) are manufactured.

As is common in large companies, there are different areas of responsibility for all the functions. For this reason, Quality Assurance QA is always an independent part of the production. In the past that meant always releasing the set-up on the machine tool, going to the measuring machine and measuring. Then the part was taken back to the machine tool and reworked in accordance with the measurement results. As in other businesses, the availability of the measuring machine was often a bottleneck. During this waiting and measuring time, the production machine was also blocked because the part had to be returned to the same clamping. Even with smooth systems, there is always a loss of precision. Considering the fact that many different tools are manufactured on six machines from Huron and four machines from DMG, the time losses were often the decisive obstacle in the production cycle. “Together with Quality Assurance, we wanted to speed up the the production process by improving production cycle, and yet keep the previous precision,” explains Francois Girardin, technician for production planning in the central tool-making shop.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance started to look for alternatives. First, various systems were evaluated and some tested and compared to each other. The decision to use m&h 3D Form Inspect was reached rather quickly. In a second phase, all parts were checked both with 3D Form Inspect as well as on the measuring machine for four months. It turned out that the measurement results did vary depending on the machine and condition of the parts, but on the whole the variations were absolutely negligible. This is due to the integrated short calibration in the measurement program, a procedure patented by m&h. For five-axis machines, even the swivelling error of the 4th and 5th axes is determined and automatically compensated for in the calculation of the measuring results...

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