Precision Industry
Precision Industry
Maximum  accuracy - this is the key issue for everything in the precision industry. Here highly accurate, complex parts are manufactured. Every sub-micron counts. For us as well. As accuracy is our business. The manufacture of precision parts for the automotive, horology and aerospace industries is supported by coordinate measuring machines from Leitz and DEA.

And high accuracy is not only necessary for components. Portable laser tracker systems from Leica Geosystems guarantee, for instance, the exact movement of robots.

Paul Horn GmbH - Tübingen
Process reliability and quality are the maxims

With their own in-house developed grinding machines, for tool maker Paul Horn of Tübingen, in-process on the machine measuring is a key function to ensure precision and efficiency of automated operations. The m&h 41.00-PP production touch probes continuously resist persistent coolant showers and grinding dust ...

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Weingaertner - Kirchham
Simply reliable

Large turning/milling centres with a large number of machine components are the metier of Weingärtner Maschinenbau. Radio-wave touch probes from m&h check the accuracy of the machining ...

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5AXperformance - Kirchheim
Anyone can do the easy

The machining specialist 5AXperformance mills complex workpieces made of difficult to machine materials. The measurement of the tools using laser tool setters and the workpieces using touch probes and Best Fit create the basis for accuracy and fast, cost-effective ...

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Doerr - Sankt Augustin
Straightforwardly measure and report on 5-axes

By measuring its milled workpieces using touch probes and the software 3D Form Inspect from m&h, the fixture manufacturer Dörr has not only removed a production bottleneck, but also a source of errors. His customers value the quick delivery of workpieces with a measuring report based on measurements made directly on the ...

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Rhyn - Bollodingen
Finishing with m&h

The software application NC Gage from m&h finally provides measuring functions on machines with controls from Fanuc and other Japanese manufacturers. In the past it was necessary to time-consumingly undertake inspection manually or on other machines, a process that often involved the risk of ...

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miTec - Limbach Oberfrohna
Small and fine

Small and fine, this is the motto used in precision manufacturing at the East German company miTec. Moulds and tools for the manufacture of precision parts and precision components with microstructures are checked for tolerance compliance using m&h hardware and software while still clamped on the machine. This saves 50% of manual ...

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Davromatic - Nottingham
Real-time, in-process gauging of mill-turned components

A new, hard-wired, touch probing system has been introduced by m&h UK, Nottingham, that allows sliding-head CNC lathe users to measure turned and milled features quickly on every component after machining, while it is still in the counter spindle and before ejection. It is believed to be the first real-time, in-process quality control system ...

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KASTO - Achern-Gamshurst
Gains in time and minimal errors

By using touch-trigger probes on machining centres at KASTO, set-up times were shortened considerably with manufacturing errors greatly reduced. Sometimes coincidences can point to the way ahead. The success story using m&h touch probes during manufacturing at KASTO in Achern-Gamshurst started with the acquisition of a large Reiden 5-axis ...

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LARO NC – Illmensee
Measuring saves a lot of time

Measuring is an important resource for more precise work and time saving – nota luxury but necessity at contract manufacturer Laro. With m&h touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software, many hours are saved and set-up times are reduced ...

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