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Case Study REUM - Hardheim

Effective combination

In the mould making shop of the German company Reum, they do universal machining and measuring with m&h touch probes and software on a HURON K2X10. Daily use in various operations has fulfilled all expectations.

The REUM group is one of the leading mediumsized manufacturers of high-quality components and systems for interiors and boots in the automotive industry as well as making control elements for consumer products. Reum supply a range of products in metal, plastic and composite specialising in highquality surfaces with kinematic and other functions and this has made Reum an important and sought-after partner. In the company’s own mould making shop, injectionmould tools and press moulds are produced on various machines including machining centres and spark eroding machines from different manufacturers.

To make the manufacturing process safer and to harmonise and speed up manufacturing cycles, they took great interest in measuring on the machine with touch probes some time ago. In particular they wanted to check certain dimensions, especially in the “Z” axis, and surface offsets while the workpiece was still clamped on the machine. The crucial point for their decision to purchase a HURON K2X10 at that time was not only the shortterm availability and construction of the machine, but also the recommendation that the combination of the HURON machine with m&h probes and 3D Form Inspect software worked very well and had proved its worth in daily operations at many companies. Although the decision was subject to time pressures at the time, all expectations were met.

The machine is mainly for finishing hardened workpieces but is used for a broad range of tasks including rough-machining. Thanks to its wide speed range with impressive torque, the K2X10 is very cost-effective on any work. Its portal design gives high rigidity to mill critical surfaces without vibration and absorbs high cutting forces...

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