The world rail speed record is racing ahead at an unimaginable rate. In April 2007 a French high-speed train reached a speed of 575 km/h - or put another way: it travelled almost 160 metres each second. In these times of great mobility, the hour of modern passenger  and goods transport has arrived. Production is increasing, under great time pressure with extremely high quality requirements to achieve performances in the million kilometre range.

With reliability as the primary goal, manufacturers and operators are looking to measurement solutions from Hexagon Metrology for quality control and service.

Wiener Linien
Enhanced roadworthiness

“Wiener Linien” is the public transport company running the trams of Vienna and they’re involved in extensive track and vehicle construction too. Components of all descriptions are repaired or replaced and also manufactured from new. The necessary precision and documentation is ensured by measuring on the machine tool using touch probes and 3D ...

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