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The software application NC Gage from m&h finally provides measuring functions on machines with controls from Fanuc and other Japanese manufacturers. In the past it was necessary to time-consumingly undertake inspection manually or on other machines, a process that often involved the risk of errors.

“I can see immediately where my tool is”, states Stefan Fiechter, very pleased; he undertakes the grinding work on the Hauser jig grinding machine at Rhyn AG, in the Swiss municipality of Bollodingen. The measuring functions on the Fanuc control were completely unsatisfactory. Although the machine itself was prepared for equipping with touch probes, the control software left a lot to be desired in relation to measuring needs.

Such machines can now be upgraded using the software application NC Gage from m&h; they then offer a wide variety of measuring functions of even broader scope than European controls. Depending on the machine and type of control, the software is either installed directly in the control (e.g. Okuma) or run on a tablet PC that is connected to the machine control via WLAN.

This is also the case on the jig grinding machine at Rhyn AG, which has a Fanuc control. The measuring points and measuring functions are defined on the tablet PC. The measuring points in the measuring routines called can also be defined by teach-in. Once prepared, measuring programs are saved can be called again at any time. These programs are transferred to the control via a WLAN link. The measured values are then returned the same way.

“The software is simple to use and easy to understand”, states Herr Fiechter, very pleased. “The programming with the aid of symbols and icons is very clear. Even inexperienced users quickly become familiarised.” However, NC Gage does not just offer a series of measuring functions, but also checks the values and commands entered for plausibility. “Only functions that are actually possible are active”, explains Stefan Fiechter. “This feature avoids errors and is a real aid for the operator...

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