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m&h probing systems with radio-wave transmission

Let‘s do a quick calibration

The contract manufacturer SHW Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH has equipped its machining and turning/milling machines with radio-wave touch probes by m&h and regularly calibrates the machine tables with it. That provides accuracy, and the probes save set-up times and allow for an accelerated and secure production of mostly large and complex cast parts.

The contract manufacturer SHW Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH confirms that measuring with the probe significantly accelerated not only the set-up times. In addition, the check measurements between the processing steps and regular calibrations accelerate the production process as a whole and ensure process reliability. There, the increased productivity with higher accuracy is highly welcome. But one thing at a time:

The SHW Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH was founded in the year 2005 from the former SHW and has been successfully working since then as a machining service provider, not only for the SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SHW WM), but also for many other customers from the fields of mechanical engineering, plant engineering and in the large engines sector. Turning, milling and grinding of medium and large workpieces is offered, mostly from various cast iron or steel types. As with any contract manufacturer, the workpiece sizes vary greatly. SHW Bearbeitungstechnik processes workpieces from an edge length of about 500 mm up to 18 m in length and up to a weight of 20 tons. Generally, complex shapes with high accuracy are required.

The machine park includes both large machining centers and turningmilling machines from SHW WM as well as from other manufacturers. Five SHW WM machines are equipped with m&h probes which have wireless data transmission. This is necessary to transmit the signals of the probe quickly and reliably over large distances within the machining areas of the machines to the control.

„We frequently use the probes to find the zero points and to probe the workpieces,“ explains Roland Ziegler, Managing Director of SHW Bearbeitungstechnik GmbH. „But very often we use the probe also to check clearances and for length measurement, before and during the machining. This saves a lot of time and prevents errors. We also need no longer length measuring devices.“ An advantage not to be underestimated, if you take into account that the workpieces at SHW Bearbeitungstechnik can be up to 18 m in length.

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