Training and Demonstrations
m&h offers a wide range of training courses, workshops and demonstrations for beginners as well as for experienced operators. These are designed so that your employees can achieve optimal performance in your production. Target-group oriented and practical in small groups directly at the machine tool.

At our new training and demonstration centre in Waldburg, we offer a fully equipped training environment. Our instructors are highly trained and have a comprehensive understanding of their applications thanks to years of experience.

Your employees can be trained in a particularly concentrated and sustainable manner outside their daily work environment. If a training course should be required directly at your machine on-site, this can be realised by our trainers,too.

Use the potential of your machine tools. Through improved workpiece and tool checking, you quickly and efficiently achieve maximum productivity – we will be glad to help you do this.

  • Regular free workshops for end users (one day)
  • Comprehensive range of training courses for small groups or individuals
  • Demonstrations of our products, with your own workpieces if required

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