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Burr-free, first time

Company Vorwerk check mould inserts and slides while still clamped on the machine tool using m&h’s touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software. A mould manufactured this way, with two sets of ten slides, was burr-free first time and released for volume production after the very first sample.

You’re unlikely to find anyone who doesn’t know the green & white vacuum cleaners made by Vorwerk. These machines, trying to set themselves apart from the competition by their high quality and long service life, are manufactured in Wuppertal. Cutting edge manufacturing techniques plus continuous optimisation form a sound basis for companies and products to keep their place in the market. “With modern machines and optimised manufacturing cycles we have succeeded in reducing tooling costs by up to 40%,” reports Marc Alexander Popov, head of tool manufacturing at Vorwerk in Wuppertal.

“I don’t want either the cheapest or the most expensive tool,” he explains his strategy and confirms: “I want the most cost-efficient tool.” However, this requires a very complex examination over the entire life cycle of a mould, taking into consideration many factors including service and maintenance costs. This is why Mr Popov has instigated a wide range of measures to constantly keep the tools for injection moulding up to the highest standard. “Both our products and the injection moulds are continuously optimised until the end of their life cycle.” This includes selecting state-of-the-art materials such as, for example, so-called ESU steels and Toolux 44, non-warping steel to 45 HRC, which are increasingly used for moulds and inserts. For mould manufacturing, Vorwerk has almost completely changed from sprue to needle valve nozzles. In order to achieve short cycle times and high contour accuracy, the moulds are equipped with internal film cooling. This enables high machine output, trouble-free production processes and high contour accuracy on injection-moulded parts.

The milling workshop of the mould making department uses machines from Hermle, DMG, SIP and Exeron. These machines are equipped...

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