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Large turning/milling centres with a large number of machine components are the metier of Weingärtner Maschinenbau. Radio-wave touch probes from m&h check the accuracy of the machining operations.

Founded in 1966, the family-run business on the edge of the Austrian Salzkammergut can look back a long tradition in the manufacturing of large machines and turning/milling centres and for machining and turning screws and rotors for compressors and extruders of widely varying type, as well as tubes and rollers, along with drive screws for boring heads and other special workpieces.

In the meantime approx. 200 employees not only build the machines, they also provide comprehensive service to the customer, starting from planning, through installation, to the maintenance of the machines at the customer. Everything that has a thread or screw-like contours appears predestined for machining on the machines from Weingärtner Maschinenbau.

It is not only the customer‘s workpieces that are big, the machines from Weingärtner are large specimens, they are mostly very long and it is not unusual for them to be unique. The quality of the machining and the accuracy that can be achieved during the machining operations are correspondingly important. After all, in case of scrap, new parts are not only expensive, they also mostly involve a significant delay. So functional, reliable monitoring of the machining accuracy and ensuring correct positions and fits are all the more important.

For this reason at an early stage Weingärtner sought touch probes that were not only able to withstand the harsh environment in the turning/milling centre, but that also provide dependably exact measurement results, even at large distances and inside workpieces with recesses. During trials it soon became clear that the touch probes from m&h represent the best solution for Weingärtner. The sensing behaviour of the probes was predestined for the machine tool and the so-called trigger values were significantly more consistent than on competitor products.

Then as m&h became the first manufacturer to place a touch probe with RF data transmission on the market, the decision for this product was almost inevitable. At these large distances in the machines direct...

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