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Enhanced roadworthiness

“Wiener Linien” is the public transport company running the trams of Vienna and they’re involved in extensive track and vehicle construction too. Components of all descriptions are repaired or replaced and also manufactured from new. The necessary precision and documentation is ensured by measuring on the machine tool using touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software from m&h.

Components varying from palm size up to 15 meters make up the multi-faceted range of workpieces being machined in the workshops of the track superstructure department of “Wiener Linien”, the public transport company for buses and trams in Vienna. Track superstructure means all track elements and switches between the ground and the tram itself.

Measuring the accuracy of workpiece shapes plus bore alignments took a lot of time and frequently required special gauges. Also, in order to achieve roadworthiness, meticulous documentation of every workpiece before installation is necessary. Another extenuating factor was that not all employees in these business units were trained metal craftsmen. Also semi-skilled workers are employed, occasionally making decisions during night shifts. “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs – errors can occur,” Karl Borek the team leader in charge reports his experience. “Especially during the night shift, things went wrong on several occasions.”

As one machine had been equipped with an m&h touch probe, it made sense to look around for possibilities to use measuring on the machine. The crucial points were easy handling and high process reliability with complete documentation of all measuring results. m&h 3D Form Inspect software is capable of fulfilling all of these requirements after the operator has selected the points and measuring functions on a graphic representation of the CAD-constructed workpiece using only a few mouse clicks. The software automatically...

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