m&h Temperature Probe Systems
m&h Temperature Probe Systems
By providing a fully automatic measurement of the part temperature at any stage of the machining process (patented), the temperature probe enables manufacturing processes to be controlled and machining parameters to be adjusted during production. Interference-free signal transmission between probe and receiver is absolutely vital for process-reliable measuring on machine tools. When using infrared light transmission, HDR technology (High Data Rate) developed by m&h and adjustable transmitting power guarantee process reliability. When using radio-wave transmission, the use of a high-penetration frequency range as well as the SCS technology (Self Channel Select) developed by m&h ensure interference-free function with a broad transmission range. Thus, a consistently high manufacturing quality and highest process reliability are achieved.

m&h Temperature Probe IRP25.50-TP

Measures the workpiece temperature fully automatically both before as well as during machining (patented). This allows the control of production processes and the adaptation of machining parameters during production. Temperature-dependent parameters can be reliably determined before the workpiece goes to the next machining step with tolerance specifications. This way, consistently high production quality is ensured.

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